7 Reasons Why People Love Watching Porn

Why do people love watching porn? There are a lot of reasons why men and women, both single and those in relationships, watch porn. Here are the top seven reasons people love watching it.

1. Get New Ideas
Perhaps the top reason men and women watch porn is because of the ideas they can get. People love learning about new positions they may want to try or foreplay techniques/methods that they can use on their partners. A lot of men don’t know what their ladies like in the bedroom and watching porn is a way for them to pick up tips they can try, and some of the things they learn may become a regular thing if their partners enjoy it.

Porn can actually bring couples together because they can discuss what new things they’d like to try together. You might be surprised to find out how many couples love watching porn in order to get new ideas for the bedroom.

2. Add Spice To Their Sex Lives
It happens all the time, when couples first get together their sex life is amazing and there is nothing to complain about. As time goes on, it becomes dull and almost non-existent. Sure, people get busy and have work to do and a bunch of other obligations, but most relationships have a lack of intimacy because the couples are bored. This is why many couples love watching porn. It adds spice and excitement to their lives and it enhances their sex lives.

Many couples love watching porn because they have fantasies they want to fulfill, but in a role-playing way. Couples can find porn that caters to their fantasy and then they can watch it together and role-play.

3. Watch Their Dream Woman/Man
Many men and women are happy with their relationships. They love their partners and they are sexually attracted to them. However, most men and women have fantasies about their dream woman or man. Let’s face it, most people do have a dream “type,” which may be a redhead that works out a lot or a guy who has a lot of hair on his body. You get the point, and this is why people love viewing porn. It allows them to watch their dream “type” of person engage in activities, all without cheating on their partners.

4. Fantasize/Imagination
Most people love to use their imagination or they have fantasies. This doesn’t mean they want to act out their fantasies in real life, which is why they love watching porn. It doesn’t matter what a person’s fantasies are, they will be able to find porn that caters to their taste. Watching porn lets people fantasize and use their imagination without actually carrying out the act in real life. This is why many married couples love watching porn together.

5. To Get Off
Men and women love watching porn because it helps them get off. Those who are single may not be interested in going to bars, clubs or prowling on dating sites looking to hookup with someone. Instead of doing that, they go online and watch porn videos that feature the acts they’re into the most. This allows them to get themselves off without worrying about getting an STD or worrying about someone getting attached to them or developing feelings for them. They love watching porn because it is often the safest option to get off quickly.

6. Form Of Foreplay
Watching pornography is a form of foreplay for many couples. Sometimes couples get bored with the same old foreplay routine. Some men and women use it as a form of foreplay because it helps them get in the mood quicker, especially for women. Men often have a difficult time getting their wives or girlfriends in the mood for sex. Viewing porn is a great way for many women to get in the mood. The sames goes for some men, too. It’s one thing to dirty talk as a form of foreplay, but actually watching people be intimate with one another is a very different thing.

7. Curiosity
People are curious about what other couples do in the bedroom, so they turn to porn. There are millions of homemade/amateur porn videos online and a lot of people love watching what real couples do behind closed doors. The truth is there are many men and women who love watching other people have sex and a lot of people don’t even masturbate to it. They are genuinely curious and will watch an entire film without touching themselves. Not everyone does the same things in the bedroom, and porn allows people to find out what others are doing, how long they do it for and how much enjoyment the sexual act/acts brings to the participants.

Everyone has their own reasons for watching porn. Some people watch it for no reason at all or because they’re bored. Regardless of what you think about it, there will always be millions of people who love to watch porn. Many people watch it for the reasons discussed above. The chances are you do too.

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Percentage of males and females that viewed pornography over past 5 years

*Males & Females Viewing Pornography:

Even though pornography is looked upon as indecent, you would be quite surprised with the percentage of men and women that have viewed pornography within the past 5 years. Some of the numbers of those that have viewed pornography are quite startling.

One poll indicates that over 60% of the male population has viewed pornographic material. Another surprising detail that was uncovered was that the males that did admit viewing pornography were Christians.

As far as females are concerned, the numbers are certainly not quite as high but females do view some type of pornography also. The reasons that one views porno may differ but the fact remains that pornography is a part of life for some people. It could be said that roughly 38-40% of females have viewed some type of pornography within the past 5 years.

Males are more prone to view pornography because their wives will not participate in any kind of inappropriate sex. Therefore, viewing pornography gives the male some kind of thrill or excitement. Therefore, the male can look at pornography and fantasize about what they may be missing within their sex lives.

A female may view pornography occasionally simply for the fun or thrill involved. However, it does seem most females feel somewhat indifferent about the sex acts performed in pornographic type movies.

A female may also view pornography because she may be in a troubled marriage or relationship. Therefore, looking at pornography is sort of a temporary thrill for a lonely and troubled woman.

There can be negative consequences especially for males that regularly view pornography. For example, continually looking at pornography can prompt a male to cheat on a wife or girlfriend. Keep in mind, cheating due to pornography has nothing to do with love and affection.

Pornography has more to do wit fun, thrill, danger and excitement. The thrill comes from engaging in something that you would probably never admit to. In addition, the danger is the fact that if you were caught your life would probably be forever changed.

Actually, viewing pornography in some ways is almost like cheating on the side. In reality continually viewing pornography can prompt cheating and infidelity. This is when viewing pornography is a very dangerous habit. In some cases, pornography can become quite addictive.

*When Pornography Can become Dangerous:

When pornography becomes a regular habit, the person viewing the sexual acts more than likely has some psychological problems. Looking at pornography repeatedly can eventually lead to an unhealthy and dangerous sexual addiction or obsession.

Once a sexual addiction takes hold of a person the end results can be quite devastating. Many sex addicts turn to the services of a prostitute or escort service. In addition, many sex addicts are heavy Internet users. There are some inappropriate dating type web sites that cater to sexually unbalanced individuals.

Pornography may begin as just an occasional pass time. However, over time pornography may become more frequent until it becomes a regular habit. Once a pornography habit becomes obsessive or out of control the person then needs some type of professional help.

One major problem with pornography is that if it leads to a sexual addiction, the addicted person may go into a denial mode. Once a person goes into denial about anything especially a sexual based addiction it may be an uphill battle breaking the sick and perverted habit.

Sexual and pornography addiction can be just as serious as a narcotic addiction. It may start out slow and as time goes by the disease progresses until the person is completely out of control. The person will lie to loved ones and friends, they may go elsewhere to have their sexual desires fulfilled and their entire life may become one big lie.

Pornography and sexual obsessions can cause marriages to end, friendships may disappear, finances may become drained and the person may have a difficult time separating fantasy from reality. An obsession or addiction such as this will not simply disappear. The obsession or addiction will become more intense and like any addiction it must be fed to keep the person in a stable frame of mind.

Keep in mind, a person can probably view pornography once in a while with no ill effects or damage to their lives. However, there are those that simply can not handle the temptation and perverted thoughts that may enter their head due to pornography.

Male Vs. Female Attitudes Concerning Pornography:

Pornography is pretty much here to stay. If you are an addictive type person it may be best not to view any kind of pornographic material. Viewing pornography only a few times can start a chain of events that can end up shattering ones life and the lives of their loved ones.

It also appears that males are more prone to admitting they viewed pornographic material. It appears females are a bit more reluctant to admit looking at pornography. In addition, females are less willing to discuss their experience with pornography especially if she is married or in a committed relationship.

It could be said that males find pornography more acceptable and they are more willing to admit viewing some kind of pornographic material. On the other hand, the majority of females may view pornography as indecent and are less likely to admit they have viewed some type of pornography.

Why Porn is diminishing the amount of relationships over the past 10 years

There are so many things that can destroy just about anything but porn can really take the cake on this. So many men just drool over the women and become addicted to it. So much so that will lie and try to hide it from their spouse. I shouldn’t target just men because women do this too. Porn makes you lie and hide from your spouse. What kind of relationship is that if you are not being honest with your partner? Not a good one, a very dishonest one which is not a relationship because you are being dishonest about things. Some people consider when their partner watches porn that they are cheating on them, which is probably why their partner ends up being dishonest to their partner to keep from hurting them.

It is terrible men will compare their experience with the porn they watch into real life relationships because that is what they think it should be. Which just turns them into despicable men thinking women are these sex slaves in a way to them because of what they watched in a porn video. Which just set up any relationship to utter failure, because real relationships are not like that it does not revolve around sex. A good relationship has honesty, understanding, and love. When you have sex in a relationship then you should it be considered as love making because you do care about this person they are not a porn star. There are some people who do experiment in the bedroom with their partner but comparing and trying to make your sex like in a porn movie can be very discriminating to your partner. That will make your partner hate you and make them feel as if they are not good enough.

If you do porn then you face people not liking you because of what you do. Porn is truly looked at as dirty and wrong and any one associated with it then they must be dirty people too. Good luck on having an actual relationship with someone because they have this jealousy and hate against what you do as a job which will make it extremely difficult to have a successful relationship. They could also have a judgement of you for the fact that you do porn for a job so then you must be treated as such. I am sorry but I do not care who you are having that judgement hang over you is just simply wrong. Yes people do porn for a job in real life but I don’t think that makes them who they are, but having this job makes it also difficult for anyone to see you as anything less.

Trying to get any other job after working in the porn industry can be rather difficult for the fact that it can make you look like you’re not really serious about yourself. Thinking on this makes you maybe think of Farrah Abraham, she did this and the world turned on her. She is not ever taken serious; she created a lot of conflict with everyone involved with Teen mom OG because she had chosen to do porn. It was probably to help provide for her little family but with her doing that it has linked her to that industry. Many of her costars were ready to be done with the show because they didn’t like that now when you look up Teen Mom or Teen Mom OG instead of it being about the struggles of being a young and getting pregnant it has now been linked to porn because she did a video. Which tarnishes her real actual story in the show of having a baby at 16 and her true love died before she was able to tell him about their baby girl that was brewing, which was so romantic. Then she got desperate for money we assume and went and did a porn movie. She is now trying to move past it and start a new name for herself but it is extremely difficult for her because this one decision may forever hang over her.

Other famous people out there that have done porn like Paris Hilton. You can’t think of Paris as the daughter of the owner of the Hilton hotels, you think Paris porn movie. Same as Kim Kardashian was she ever taken serious after her sex tape. Kim does have her families show Keeping up with the Kardashians but has anyone truly forgotten about the sex tape. Not to mention the diseases that can come from doing this as a job. For example poor Carmen Electra she had been diagnosed with hepatitis A I am sure she wasn’t thinking of that when she started. Anyone relationship she gets into a relationship with she has to let her partner know. That has to make it difficult for her to find someone that can accept it. These women will forever be looked at differently because of this happening to them. No matter if you are in porn or watch porn, it will forever change the way people will look at you. It is sad but true porn affects all aspects of your life.

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