7 Reasons Why People Love Watching Porn

Why do people love watching porn? There are a lot of reasons why men and women, both single and those in relationships, watch porn. Here are the top seven reasons people love watching it.

1. Get New Ideas
Perhaps the top reason men and women watch porn is because of the ideas they can get. People love learning about new positions they may want to try or foreplay techniques/methods that they can use on their partners. A lot of men don’t know what their ladies like in the bedroom and watching porn is a way for them to pick up tips they can try, and some of the things they learn may become a regular thing if their partners enjoy it.

Porn can actually bring couples together because they can discuss what new things they’d like to try together. You might be surprised to find out how many couples love watching porn in order to get new ideas for the bedroom.

2. Add Spice To Their Sex Lives
It happens all the time, when couples first get together their sex life is amazing and there is nothing to complain about. As time goes on, it becomes dull and almost non-existent. Sure, people get busy and have work to do and a bunch of other obligations, but most relationships have a lack of intimacy because the couples are bored. This is why many couples love watching porn. It adds spice and excitement to their lives and it enhances their sex lives.

Many couples love watching porn because they have fantasies they want to fulfill, but in a role-playing way. Couples can find porn that caters to their fantasy and then they can watch it together and role-play.

3. Watch Their Dream Woman/Man
Many men and women are happy with their relationships. They love their partners and they are sexually attracted to them. However, most men and women have fantasies about their dream woman or man. Let’s face it, most people do have a dream “type,” which may be a redhead that works out a lot or a guy who has a lot of hair on his body. You get the point, and this is why people love viewing porn. It allows them to watch their dream “type” of person engage in activities, all without cheating on their partners.

4. Fantasize/Imagination
Most people love to use their imagination or they have fantasies. This doesn’t mean they want to act out their fantasies in real life, which is why they love watching porn. It doesn’t matter what a person’s fantasies are, they will be able to find porn that caters to their taste. Watching porn lets people fantasize and use their imagination without actually carrying out the act in real life. This is why many married couples love watching porn together.

5. To Get Off
Men and women love watching porn because it helps them get off. Those who are single may not be interested in going to bars, clubs or prowling on dating sites looking to hookup with someone. Instead of doing that, they go online and watch porn videos that feature the acts they’re into the most. This allows them to get themselves off without worrying about getting an STD or worrying about someone getting attached to them or developing feelings for them. They love watching porn because it is often the safest option to get off quickly.

6. Form Of Foreplay
Watching pornography is a form of foreplay for many couples. Sometimes couples get bored with the same old foreplay routine. Some men and women use it as a form of foreplay because it helps them get in the mood quicker, especially for women. Men often have a difficult time getting their wives or girlfriends in the mood for sex. Viewing porn is a great way for many women to get in the mood. The sames goes for some men, too. It’s one thing to dirty talk as a form of foreplay, but actually watching people be intimate with one another is a very different thing.

7. Curiosity
People are curious about what other couples do in the bedroom, so they turn to porn. There are millions of homemade/amateur porn videos online and a lot of people love watching what real couples do behind closed doors. The truth is there are many men and women who love watching other people have sex and a lot of people don’t even masturbate to it. They are genuinely curious and will watch an entire film without touching themselves. Not everyone does the same things in the bedroom, and porn allows people to find out what others are doing, how long they do it for and how much enjoyment the sexual act/acts brings to the participants.

Everyone has their own reasons for watching porn. Some people watch it for no reason at all or because they’re bored. Regardless of what you think about it, there will always be millions of people who love to watch porn. Many people watch it for the reasons discussed above. The chances are you do too.